Dynamic Pattern Synthesis: Using Microsoft Excel

White Horse Publications are delighted to announce the publication of Dynamic Pattern Synthesis: Using Microsoft Excel by Philip Haynes and David Alemna.

This edition allows readers to use the Dynamic Pattern Synthesis research method without needing more complex statistical and mathematical software.

Dynamic Pattern Synthesis is one of a new range of case-based methods. It seeks to balance the search for overall quantitative patterns based on aggregations of case information, with the complexity and diversity of individual cases. These methods try to avoid making assumptions about case similarity. Orthodox methods often ignore important aspects of case diversity and oversimplify the aggregate impact of some variables. Human and organisational diversity is vital to consider with greater attention, if applied social science research is to have a more useful impact on policy and practice.

The publication is free to download in the e-book format from this website.

There is also more information about DPS and its uses on our website.

For information on training and presentations of the method please contact us at: enquiries at whb.co.uk